It’s pretty obvious that we need to train hard to look & feel fit AF, but are you training smart?? Can you imagine being dedicated to the same exercise regime for months on end only to work out that you’re not getting the same results as you were when you started? I could think of nothing worse! No results program? No thank you!

If you’re an avid gym go-er you’ve probably experienced this in the gym before – You’ve started a program, you’re motivated and you’re feeling amazing because the results are showing. A few weeks down the line you start to feel less motivated because the results have slowed down and your workouts start feeling more like a job than a holiday (Yes, your workout should feel like a holiday!). No results, no motivation! I totally get it!

But why?

This is your body adapting. Your body gets used to rep ranges, sets and intensity. It’s pretty logical really – the more you do something, the easier it becomes. The result: You burn fewer calories and build less calorie-burning muscle with every workout. However, there are benefits to this and our bodies do need to adapt to a certain extent. If you think about a runner training for a marathon – their 5km would need to feel relatively easy or comfortable in order to then increase the distance/intensity. They will then increase the distance and this is the key! When you adapt you have to change in order to improve.

Think about the F.I.T.T. principal – Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type. As long as you are changing up two of these every four to six weeks, your workout will keep your scale moving in the right direction. Still, that doesn’t mean you should perform the same thing day after day for four to six weeks before moving on to something else. Adding little switches to each and every workout can help you maximize your exercise results even further… An extra set, an added movement, a different rep range or maybe even doing something totally different mid week to mix up your schedule. Get into that kick boxing or yoga class you’ve been putting off! I dare you to tell me it doesn’t feel awesome!

So just like you mix up the ingredient in a recipe when it starts tasting bland or becomes boring, the same thing should be done with your exercise regime. Using similar ingredients with a touch of spice for a different outcome. Voila!

With love, hugs & healthy regards,