“I am a powerful human being because…” I want you to finish the sentance.

Do you feel powerful when you are following or creating? The older (& hopefully wiser) I get the less interested I am in being perfect and more interested in just becoming more ME. I am a powerful human being when I am creating me, when I am growing and learning & (more often than not) failing. Looking “perfect”, training & eating like I “should” to look perfect always left me feeling empty. There was something missing. I always tried to fool myself that my lifestyle was balanced but really it was far from it. A restrictive lifestyle is never balance no matter how much you try to convince yourself.

There is no perfect way to train, there is no perfect headstand & there is no perfect diet. It’s what you create to feel RIGHT for YOU! And the only way to realize RIGHT for you is to also learn wrong, which means you have to put yourself out there & experience what your happy lifestyle feels like. Try new things, train hard and learn what works for you.

I have figured out over the last few years that I love & thrive in an exercise environment where other people are also involved. Most of the time I like to be competitive & sometimes I also just enjoy a good leg session by myself. I like variety and I love oly lifting (who would have thought?). Give me a heavy bar to lift & jump over and I’m happy. I don’t like too much cardio, especially if it’s timed, however I do enjoy a long run in nature. I love stand up paddle boarding on days off & learning how to surf has become my new addiction. All of these things I have had to discover about myself & it’s been an amazing journey through fitness.

What does your journey look like?

Throw away the idea of perfect and let it FREE you! Failing, learning & growing never felt so good!


With love, hugs & healthy regards,

Amy J