It’s that time again… The time to leave a year behind you, no matter if it was good, bad or average. The time for a chance to start over & have a fresh year ahead of you to grow, experience & make new memories… It’s the time to set new goals & strive to fill even bigger dreams.


We’ve all set New Years resolutions before & may have stuck to them for a few weeks & then sooner than later we loose momentum & land up exactly where we started. Cringe!


2016 is your year & I want to not only help you set achievable goals but I want to help you stick to them so I thought I would share a few things with you that help me stay motivated & on track all year through!


Know what you want

You need to have a clear picture of exactly what it is you want to achieve. Whether it be fitness related or not… The more detailed the better! This leads me to my second point…


Write down your goals

Every 1st of January you’ll catch me sitting with a pen in hand & an open diary carefully writing down my new years goals & aspirations. You won’t believe the change it’s made every year I’ve done this. I don’t know what it is about writing your goals down but it definitely works for me… Maybe it’s because I can always refer back to them (which I would suggest making a habit of doing on the 1st of every month thereafter).

We always have so many thoughts & dreams running through our heads but by actually writing them down will make you feel like you are committed to them.


Prepare & be organized

The resolutions are now made & set in stone & that’s fab, but there also needs to be some planning that follows… Get your eating & training programs ready, prepare your meals in advance, work out your schedule & plan to make the time to work towards your goals. Make yourself a weekly schedule & stick to it! Eventually it will start to become second nature & a way of life & this is exactly what you want especially if your goal is a long term one.


Find & follow people who motivate you

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to other people for some motivation. You may need someone to look up to to get you started or it might be to keep you motivated during the months that follow. Whatever the reason, social media is a great way to do this! Find someone who you aspire towards & that you can relate to. Find people to follow with a similar body type & close to what you are working towards. It’s so important to follow people with good, natural energy! Remember that you don’t want to become someone else-they are only there for motivation so that you can become the best version of YOU!



Expect that it’s not going to be easy & that making big changes in your life will require hard work & sacrifices, but I can promise you one thing-it will all be worth it! Things are going to get tough & the road will be a bumpy one. The important thing is not let those things deter you from the bigger picture. The good news is that if you are consistent you will never have to go back to where you started ever again. Once you know what it feels like you won’t want to stop. Trust the process and stick at it. You can do this!

If you are making some big changes this year, then make sure to follow my fitness journey where I will hopefully give you the daily motivation you need!



With love, hugs & healthy regards,