I have always been a fan of fitness, and when I say ‘fitness’ I mean keeping active. I never used to be a gym, or weight junkie, but always loved doing sports/exercise which involved a fun, competitive environment. That’s what its all about anyway, right?-Having fun whilst exercising! Over the years I have taught myself to not only enjoy the fun stuff, but also the stuff I know I NEED! I used to spend hours on the treadmill to keep skinny and it used to be something I really had to force myself to do. Now a days, I don’t even think twice about exercising or getting myself into the gym for a weight session.

I think many people see exercising as a chore which then makes it a struggle and exercising is definitely NOT meant to be seen as a chore and I’m going to try change your mind set… Here are a few points to remember…


  1. Have fun

Find something you love to do, whether it be riding bikes, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, following an online program or even something more social like CrossFit or joining a dragon boating club. Try everything! And if you like more than one then do more than one! In my opinion there are no rules to keeping fit. As long as you are feeling good whilst doing it, then you can make it work for you! I’m the type of person who enjoys mixing it up. I love so many different types of exercise but this is only because I’ve given myself the chance to try them all. Put aside time during the week or on a weekend to go out and try new things! And take a friend or partner with you!


  1. Find a training partner

Wether it’s your life partner, a friend or a group of people, training with someone makes it more enjoyable. Get out of the habit of only meeting up with friends for a coffee. Get into the habit of being active together. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


  1. Make it a habit, not a chore

They say that it takes 30 days of doing something consecutively to make it a habit. So challenge yourself for 30 days. I don’t mean exercise everyday for 30 days but rather get yourself into a routine in those 30 days. Make a training schedule & stick to it for a full month and you’ll see by the end of the month you’ll end up craving that work out!


  1. Give in to your body’s changes

I used to be petrified of doing weights because I didn’t want to gain size. I used to only worry about being skinny and never cared about being fit or strong. But the more I started to let go & gave in to my body changing the more I actually enjoyed the changes. I became stronger & with that strength came a bit more muscle. More muscle meant less fat and this is when I realised that muscle on a woman wasn’t ugly at all, it was beautiful! Strong is the new skinny, remember? And in my books that will never change!


  1. Get off the scale

A scale only shows you one thing… How heavy you are. It doesn’t measure fat percentage or muscle mass. In my opinion, unless you are competing, a scale is useless. Rather than focusing on your weight, focus on the way you feel. Focus on the small changes you see in the mirror to keep you motivated. In my experience, the only thing the scale does is bring you down and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!


  1. Set realistic goals & reward yourself

Throughout your fitness journey, it’s very important to note your goals. Write them down, keep them noted on your phone and keep referring back to them whenever you feel a little demotivated. Keep a log of the changes you have made, mentally and physically, and reward yourself for your efforts. It takes a lot to make the change. Rewarding yourself once reaching a goal will keep you motivated and this is exactly what you need to keep going. Reward yourself with a spa treatment or doing something you enjoy. Just make sure the reward is not food or exercise related.


  1. Trust the professionals

There are so many things online that could really confuse you. Trying to put together your own program by going on what you have read from a million different sources online can be very stressful. Rather get help from a professional, either by hiring a personal trainer or buying a training program online from someone who is qualified. Online programs are a great way to start getting into fitness as the only thing you need to worry about is finding the time to do it. Simple, easy and effective!


Now go on – Fall in love and let the magic happen!